Thursday, 27 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Dreaming of spring

For the last couple of days I have been working on my Spring/Summer Jewellery Collection, which is going to be really bright and funky. My head is full of colours at the moment, so decided to make a bright, spring-ish Folksy Friday. Look at these lovely things I have found! : ) The link under each photo takes you to their shop. Hope you like them : )

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Sunshine

After having a bit of January blues this week my Folksy Friday theme is Sunshine. : )

Interestingly enough on the worst day of the week, after getting some lovely messages from some lovely folksy friends, I sat down and started to paint... Really strange, but I painted a little sunshine, and the colours are so vivid, that it doesn't look at all that I had a bad day... I feel a lot better since then, and trying to take it easy and enjoy the nice things in my life, and the rest will sort out itself... hopefully.. : )

I found some lovely sunny items from other folksy sellers. Please click on the link under the images to see the items from closer and check out their other items too. : )

And finally here is my sunshine ACEO:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What is success?

I am a list person.

I wrote a list yesterday about the things I need to focus on (there is a point for blogging... blog more regularly! AND read more blogs!) and this morning I had to write a list again, this time about my life... what do I want to achieve. The list is a bit depressing, because the things I put down are really complicated and would not happen overnight, so I'm not sure it's a good list, as it will only make me feel worse and would not give me any power to move in the direction of completing them.

The most important point, which I would like to talk (or better say think "loudly") about is SUCCESS.

What does success mean to you all?

What I wrote is this: I want to be able to have a nice amount of income from my handmade business which is enough for a comfortable life. Once I have this, I feel successful.

I'm not happy about this. Does it mean I don't feel successful if I don't have it? Like now... Am I a loser? Well, right now I feel like one. : (  And it puts me down as I really-really hate to lose! I'm a fighter and don't just give up things easily. But what can you do when you try your best and still not happening? I have to try even harder I think.... Still don't know how though.

Or does it count if I have a happy child and doing it all alone? Am I done with that and any little extra just adds to it? I'm not sure... It may be the single mum thing, that I want to be successful in every area of life. But boy, it's hard!

So let's see... my plan-list for this year to help me to achieve my goals is:
- Do something really BIG, something courageous, something really different (need to think about this now)
- Set big goals, but be happy for the little steps during the way
- Look back at last year, if there is anything I did right, I have to keep on doing it, or correct those which are not right
- Organise some more quality time programs with my little sweetheart, to make her even more happy... in case the first plan doesn't work, I'll still be a good mother : )

What is on your success list? Are you feeling successful? Hope to hear loads of opinions : )

Monday, 17 January 2011

I need a change

Sorry for not posting anything these days, there was a really frustrating time for me in December when I attended some craft fairs... They were really not the way I expected. It was good as an experience though, because I got loads of lovely feedback and was great to meet fellow crafters, but I thought I would sell a bit more... There were days when I was actually worried if my stock was going to be enough, lol.

Since there is still enough stock in my jewellery store, I don't have to worry of that for now, and until I start to work on some new designs I wanted to do something different... I hate doing nothing, especially after the hard work I put into my business last year. I really worked hard. I enjoyed it very much and I got used to it. I'm really proud of myself being able to decide about starting a business and pushing it this hard, but I'm very disappointed right now, that my effort didn't pay off. Not yet anyway. As I am not going to give it up. I'm not a giving-up person at all! My friends know this about me. I simply don't know it right now how to step forward.

So until I have some new ideas about this I started to paint.... again... There are always these periods of my life when I turn to painting, drawing to get ideas from. I used to work with pastells some years ago, then I tried acrylics, though I enjoyed both, but they were not just perfectly right. Now first time ever I tried watercolour. After some practising I can say I really like it.


And luckily enough there is a new addiction on . There is a group of people whom are making these tiny pieces of art, called ACEOs, which stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. These are very collectable and their only rule is the size: 2,5"x3,5". It's great way to collect original art for affordable prices. And for me it's a great way to paint without needing loads of material and time. I really enjoy working on each piece and hoping to get some inspiration for other areas of my life also, just as for my jewellery business.

Now I'm off to paint, but will be back with more posts soon I promise.