Friday, 25 February 2011

Everything I love...

I noticed that I'm too busy doing more things at the same time, and always have something new in my mind while working, so never remember taking photos of each process. This is sad, as I have nothing to show off right now...

A tiny list what I'm working on, until I can show them off:
- Spring/Summer Jewellery Collection (going to be so nice, can't wait to be ready)
- ACEOs to fill up my art shops and
- painting in watercolour and acrylic on watercolour paper, canvas and canvas board
I'm not bored at all, lol. Especially that I do all these things with my daughter (soon 3yo) dancing and singing around me ALL DAY! : )

But I don't want to neglect my blog, so came up with a list, so that you all will know me a bit better : )

Everything I love:
- My gorgeous daughter

- Working from home
- Painting
- Being creative
- Dreaming about a happy future
- Thinking
- Chocolate
- Coffee
- Bright colours (to work with, not to wear though)
- Sunshine
- Tulips
- Writing lists ; )

What are on yours?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My latest ACEOs - Dilemma

Recently I haven't tweeted, blogged or facebooked much as I'm lost in my paintings. I really enjoy all the inspiration I'm having these days so have to admit, I can't stop painting.

While working on each little artwork, I have so much good idea about every kind of things. Especially some more paintings, lol.

Here are some I finished in the last couple of days. They are not listed in any of my shops yet, need to decide if I should list them on Folksy or Etsy... (I use different prices and have different numbers of views)

So what do you all think about them?

Friday, 4 February 2011

We are designers - Folksy Friday

This week's Folksy Friday is a bit different. While watching Gok's Clothes Roadshow I had an idea.

High street against Designers. Why are we not there?

There are LOADS of talented designers in the UK who are working hard and the public never even heard of them. We have our little websites and shops at and we are lucky if we happen to sell a few of our designs per month. We don't increase our prices as we are worried they would not sell, so they cost the same or just a bit more than something similar on the high street. (though there is some high street chains who sell jewellery for £1!!! Ridiculous! Do people really think they will last? And is it not horrible seeing the same thing on others? Well, I don't like that)

So whom are we really promoting? The mass produced low quality items made by underpaid factory workers somewhere far far east? Or those who already made their luck and get LOADS of money?
What about helping our own hardworking designers who are struggling to get noticed? I believe we are worth a mention. Check out these beautiful things I found on and let me know what you think.