Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Art journaling

Have you ever heard of art journaling? I only discovered it recently, and at first it seemed strange as all the artworks are in a book which you cannot sell, but finally I realised this can be very useful for me, so I started one. (have to admit, this is why I haven't blogged for some time now, oops)

There are more ways it helps me:
- gives me chance to try new techniques without the pressure of failing
- I can try new colour combos
- helps my creativity to flow
- summarize some positive thoughts
And if I create something I really like, I'll try to do similar on canvas (I started one last night after a successful journal entry - see below)

You can use any technique you like, the only "criteria" is to enjoy. : ) I prefer collage and mixed media these days, I really like experimenting with it. But in fact if you add ANY illustration to your notes it's already an art journal.

I aim to make a new entry in my journal every day until my book is full. And who knows by the time I get there I may not be able to stop it.

Have you got an art journal? Can I have a peek? : )

Friday, 4 March 2011

Folksy Friday - Little birds

Recently I started to notice the little birds all around us. Sometimes I hear their lovely voice and we always meet some when we go to walk with my daughter. She loves them and usually watch them for some minutes before we can continue our walk.

So today I decided to do a Birdy Folksy Friday. The links under photos will take you to the sellers' shops, check out their other items too.