Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday - October Folkfest

I did not have time (and courage) to write a blog post since I moved to Blogger. I'm a bit worried if I can attach pictures to be honest, hopefully it will work out. Let's see...

I only chose 4 items today from the October Folkfest topic, I don't want to make it too difficult for myself for the first time, lol.

Ok, it was not that difficult, hopefully the links work too. Next time I may be able to do a proper Folksy Friday, I only need to figure out now, if it's possible to place the pictures in rows and colums, that way I could do 9 pictures too... Any help is appreciated. : )



  1. Welcome to blogland! Lovely choices for your first post :)
    Flo x

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for choosing my Christmas ornament for your first blog! I'm touched. Lovely looking blog by the way.


  3. YAY thanks very much for including my vial- much appreciated xxx

  4. Hey great choices beata! Beautiful! Just to let you know I have blogged about you today! Hope that is ok!

    Hugs Judy xx

  5. Great choices! It all looks fab and working brilliantly.

    It is possible to do 3x3 rows of pics either by organising it in the html code bit or jiggging them about in the compose bit. Your central panel is quite narrow thoug so your pics will have to be quite small if you want 3x3. Feel free to drop me line if you want help :o)