Tuesday, 26 October 2010

First Handmade Market 23.10.2010

I mentioned earlier that I was preparing my display for the Handmade Market Birmingham. ( The big day arrived and I attended the event in the weekend. It was such a nice experience, I really enjoyed it, and looking forward to doing it again.

I shared the table with Nicola from GewGaws and we made it so beautiful that I was really proud of it. (I guess she agrees : ) )

We got really good feedback and we both managed to sell a couple of things, so it was all great. : )

There were some interesting questions, I thought I'd share them to make you all laugh:
- how much is the stall (though we were not information centre) 3 different person, they don't want to sell handmade!!!
- why squirrel? (in the logo of Handmade Birmingham)
- do we have anything for £1??? LOL
- how much is the mirror? LOL LOL LOL

I'm not brave enough to post our photos, but here is some which show our table. What do you all think?

My side

Nicola's side

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  1. Thanks for this Beata! I had a great time and think the table looked beautiful!