Sunday, 19 February 2012

Make your dreams come true

I have dreams, big dreams. They make my heart beat faster, so I'm sure these are the dreams I have to follow. I have little signs about this for years (long, long years), but because they seemed so huge, like I would never be able to achieve them, I never took them that seriously. Until now.

I found a quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: "If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough" And I agree with it. My dreams scare me, but in a good way. They make me feel excited. And that's a good thing. It feels amazing to imagine what will be like when they come true.

The problem with this dream before was that I was always putting it off, when things will get better and so on... By now I realised that things will never be perfect (unless I achieve this dream), so it's time to focus on making it come true. It needs loads of focus and hard work. And because I really don't want to lose it, I decided to create a brand new blog for this journey. Please, dear followers, follow my new blog as well, and if you have (I'm sure you all have) a dream as well, let's make it come true together!

Studio for Dreams, come and join me on my journey!

In this new blog I'm planning to inspire you and myself to go for it, to create your dream life, and also planning to document my progress. I'm hoping to get loads of followers, it's going to be easier together!

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