Thursday, 16 February 2012

How it all started and where I am heading to...

I remember that day very well. It was in September 2004 when I was travelling to see my family at the weekend (was living and working in the capital city), I was sitting in the train and reading a library book. That book was such an influence to me, that after taking it back to the library I was searching for it in every possible bookshop. I realised it very quickly that the book was not published recently so therefore was impossible to find it in a book store. But I was not lucky to find it in second-hand book store either. I even registered on a website of an online second-hand book store and ordered the book, but never received any email from them that the book actually arrived to the shop and was available for me to buy.

I then moved to the UK but never forgot about this book ever since. The message of it is still ringing in my ears, and I think of it every day, but I feel like I haven't been taking this message seriously. Though I started a small art line awhile back but I'm not satisfied with my effort about the subject so far.

Van Gogh, Starry Night 1889 - from Wikipedia Commons

The book I'm talking about is about Vincent Van Gogh's life, not just an autobiography, but a novel which contains details of his life. It was amazing to read about his sufferings and to actually realise that he became this famous after all that... He worked really hard to get there, but at the end it was worth it. 

I don't know what exactly made me say that I wanted to be a painter, because until that day I only worked with pencils (I was drawing portraits ever since I remember) but I remember going to the art shop after finishing this book and stocked up on canvasses and paints. That time I mostly painted pictures of Van Gogh, Monet, and some others, because I still didn't find my own style, but it was perfect for me to learn how to paint. I experimented with it a lot and really enjoyed it. I was painting every day after work and during the weekends. My collagues loved what I was doing, had loads of orders from them. I even had an exhibition! : )

Then life took over... I've been facing more and more difficulties which obviously made it hard or impossible to create. And this makes me feel pain. So now, that I'm away from my home and the problems and in fact I'm with my family (where that train was taking me that day), I decided to get back to my life the way I want it to be. I'm not going let some people put me down anymore, but will focus, focus, focus!

And after this decision, while I was writing my plans how to continue with my business when I'm back home, in fact, how to improve it, so that I can reach my creative dream goals... the next morning I looked at my sister's bookshelf. I didn't want to believe what I saw! The book I've been looking for everywhere for years was right there in front of my eyes! I'm sure this was a sign, something to reassure me that my thinking was right. My dreams are about to come true soon, and from now on I'm going to do everything it takes to achive this.

Big dreams! Here I come... : )


  1. Good for you, sounds an amazing book. Seems like there are many of us thinking along the same lines of late.

    Hope you make your dreams come true.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Lynda!
    Good luck with your dreams too! Have you seen my pinterest board about dreams and such? It may help with some inspiration.
    Beata x

  3. Well done, for taking the decision to follow your dreams. I have recently done that and it has been so rewarding. One of my favourite phases that I saw was
    "if its important you find a way, if its not you find an excuse'
    I now realise that I found lots of excuses to follow what i thought were my dreams only to realise that they were other peoples dreams and mine had always only ever been to paint. Once I made that realisation, I never made any more excuses and just followed my heart. I hope you do the same x

  4. Go for it! You know I'll always wish you the best and I want progress reports!! :)

  5. Thanks Janice! Yeah, I know you did follow your dreams! Well done! This dream has been there for ages, and I feel it so strong in my heart ever since. I was putting it off because of excuses, as you say too. Have to stop doing that right now! : )

    Thanks Susan, I will give you weekly report about the progress. Or do you want it to be daily? LOL I'm writing a plan about a blog makeover right now, and if it goes well this will be the platform of my reports : )

    Beata xx