Sunday, 3 April 2011

Something new, as promised

As a jewellery designer if I show you this photo you may think my latest project is some kind of jewellery...

But it's a bit different this time. I promised something new for next week in my last post. Well, I could not wait any longer. I decided to do it today.

I would like to say a huge thank you for Katie (her blog is as I found her videos on youtube and I learned a lot from her.

So here is the result (of our WHOLE afternoon)

It's not perfect yet. But I think quite good if you know the fact that this is my second time to try cornrows. The first one was a simple ponytail in cornrows, which was not tight enough as I removed them after 1,5 weeks (though it's also the excitement to try something more interesting, lol).
I'm not sure why it was not tight, if it's my fault or because my daughter's hair is very soft. Well, after some more years I'm sure I'll improve. (and she will probably at least try to keep her head one place, lol)

I'll try to blog about my hair desings if they turn out any good : ) So if you are interested feel free to follow to see some more in the future. : )


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous!!

    Cant imagine how long this took you, but she really suits it :)

    Love Laura xxx

  2. Thanks Laura!
    Yeah, I did it this afternoon... was very long...

  3. She looks beautiful, you've done a great job- that must require some patience though! x

  4. Thanks Yvonne, yeah, patience... she should need some more too, lol. x

  5. Oh i used to love having my hair braided as a child! I had one braid for some long the hair actually snapped off! Looks really cute on little girls :D