Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Art journaling

Have you ever heard of art journaling? I only discovered it recently, and at first it seemed strange as all the artworks are in a book which you cannot sell, but finally I realised this can be very useful for me, so I started one. (have to admit, this is why I haven't blogged for some time now, oops)

There are more ways it helps me:
- gives me chance to try new techniques without the pressure of failing
- I can try new colour combos
- helps my creativity to flow
- summarize some positive thoughts
And if I create something I really like, I'll try to do similar on canvas (I started one last night after a successful journal entry - see below)

You can use any technique you like, the only "criteria" is to enjoy. : ) I prefer collage and mixed media these days, I really like experimenting with it. But in fact if you add ANY illustration to your notes it's already an art journal.

I aim to make a new entry in my journal every day until my book is full. And who knows by the time I get there I may not be able to stop it.

Have you got an art journal? Can I have a peek? : )


  1. Oh, you have inspired me to make my own art journal! love it....wish I could do it every day though.

  2. I'm glad I inspired you! : )
    Don't worry, I can't do it every day too... that was the plan, but can't make it unfortunately. Off to check your blog.