Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to convince yourself that you are good at what you are doing

First of all, would like to say sorry for not posting for ages!

Today's blogpost is a motivational one. At least is trying to be. : ) Please leave a comment with your opinion, would love to know what you all think about this.

As an artist/crafter you may be questioning your talent time to time, especially when sales are not coming in as they used to. I don't know about you, but I always blame myself for anything, I'm not going to think of the economy or such things, but think that maybe my products are not good enough. Familiar?

Here are the steps I am trying to use to avoid this feeling:

1. Find an older product you were happy with before and thought people liked it

This style of necklace was a popular one, sold more in different colours, also similar bracelets. AND! They are actually reduced in my folksy shop right now (on my website still the original £21, so worth a look)

2. Read your feedbacks

Just one example: "Thank you for the gorgeous earrings. They are truly stunning in real life and match my necklace perfectly. Thank you so much! "
It always makes me feel amazing to receive a new feedback. I love when a customer is happy with their purchase. I think this is the best part of the job. : )

3. Finally, check your current products

Do you notice any improvement in your work? Did anything change in your working process? Do you find it any easier to complete each step? Are these improvements make you enjoy your work even more?

I would say yes to all these questions. : ) I love what I'm doing and would like to do it for looong time. : )

My plan for now is to focus on my art shop first and get it going. And in the meantime create my Summer 2012 Jewellery Collection, which is going to be exciting, sorry, can't say more just yet ; )

But not sure what to do with my reduced items in my Folksy shop, as they are as good as they were when I created them, but don't seem to get any attention.

What steps you take to motivate yourself?


  1. I am always doubting that what I do is good enough and I am constantly chaging and tryign to improve. Although I get so much positive feedback and repeat custom that I must be doing something right. I can't seem to impress myself though!

  2. Sound advice indeed - just what I needed ! I'm suffering a severe loss of motivaton, everything I make looks rubbish.
    (Over the Rainbow)

  3. I think it's the most difficult thing to impress ourselfs... 'sigh'

    Susie- I'm sure they are not rubbish!!! Hope you find your motivation!

    Thanks for your comments, ladies!
    Beata x

  4. Hi Beata, I understand your post a lot, I go up and down with how creative I am and if I'm doing enough all the time. I think I keep motivation by working away when I'm enjoying it and leaving it for a while when I feel I need a break. This can be hard area to work in but I think you need to believe in yourself and your product and you make lovely items, just keep pushing and pushing, Yvonne xx

  5. Thanks Yvonne, I think it's the pushing part which needs more motivation. I feel ashemed to push it a lot, but if I don't push it it's not going anywhere (know this from experience ; ))