Friday, 25 February 2011

Everything I love...

I noticed that I'm too busy doing more things at the same time, and always have something new in my mind while working, so never remember taking photos of each process. This is sad, as I have nothing to show off right now...

A tiny list what I'm working on, until I can show them off:
- Spring/Summer Jewellery Collection (going to be so nice, can't wait to be ready)
- ACEOs to fill up my art shops and
- painting in watercolour and acrylic on watercolour paper, canvas and canvas board
I'm not bored at all, lol. Especially that I do all these things with my daughter (soon 3yo) dancing and singing around me ALL DAY! : )

But I don't want to neglect my blog, so came up with a list, so that you all will know me a bit better : )

Everything I love:
- My gorgeous daughter

- Working from home
- Painting
- Being creative
- Dreaming about a happy future
- Thinking
- Chocolate
- Coffee
- Bright colours (to work with, not to wear though)
- Sunshine
- Tulips
- Writing lists ; )

What are on yours?


  1. Great list and lovely pic!! :0)

    I love:

    My 2 children (17 & 14) who are also my best friends
    Roast Beef and all the trimmings
    Diet Coke
    Birmingham City FC
    Lee Evans
    The rain
    People tripping over LOL
    My Mac and iPhone


  2. Thank you both!
    Great list too Pure Bubble!

  3. Pretty daughter! Mine are:
    Ice cream
    My hubby
    My cat
    Chocolate (obviously)
    My itunes playlist
    Builders tea
    Anything shabby chic
    Being young at heart (always)